Every Sunday

(except long weekends)

Vecova Recreation Center

(3304 – 33 St. NW)

Five years old up to adult

Have you always wanted to roller skate but are too scared to face plant? Or maybe you already can roller skate but would like to learn different skills to move past beginner such as: backwards skating, crossovers and more advanced ways to stop other than the toe stop? Roller Skating is unique and fun workout that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. We want you to be able to experience this amazing sport with confidence. Stay after class and practice in our Sunday Skate Open Roll for free! Learn to roll safely with our are certified Skate IA Level 1 & 2 coaches.

RENTAL SKATES: If you need skates there will be an option to purchase “with rentals” at checkout. Once registered, please email us your skate size at info@calgaryrollerskate.com. We need 24 hours notice for rental skates. If you want inline skates we don’t have rentals but you are welcome to bring them as we teach both quad and inline. 

FAMILIES: We do have family passes available for immediate family members (spouse and children under 18). In order to sign up for you and/or your family: 1. you will first need to make an account. 2. Once your account is made it will give you the option to “Add family members”. 3. Now you are ready to sign up members of your family for a pass or book them into a class. 4. Please be sure to register ahead of time as sometimes our classes do fill to capacity or a class is cancelled do to no sign-ups. When you register, please be sure to chose the name of the child or spouse you are registering for. 

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