Yes you heard right! Lloyd’s may be closed but the good times keep rolling with Calgary Roller Skate.

Lights, music, and a 15,000 sq.ft. of beautiful wood floor to get your skate on! This is bigger than Lloyd’s used to be!!! That’s 150 feet of straight away to roll!

We have both quad and inline skates available for rental $5.00. You are also welcome to bring your own skates.

NEXT SKATE PARTY: Saturday, May 25


FAMILY SKATE SESSION: 6:00pm to 8:30pm is great for kids.
Cost: Child (14 and under) $7..50 in advance or $10 at the door
Adult: $12 in advance or $15 at the door
*spectators watching but not skating still have to pay admission fee of $7.50

NIGHT SKATE SESSION: 9pm to 11pm (all ages can attend)
DJ Jon Spade will be in the house!
Cost: General Admission all ages $12 in advance $15 at door
*spectators watching but not skating still have to pay admission fee $7.50

Location: JVC center (Junior Vollyball Training Center) #130, 10 Smed Lane S.E, Calgary

Lots of parking and on site snacks.
Lots of lockers on site – bring a lock.
Helmets and protective gear are recommended at your discretion.

Admission to this event includes membership to Calgary Roller Skate that is valid for 2019. Waiver must be signed at event to attend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All skates must be inspected at the door. Any skates with hardware that could cause floor damage will not be permitted. Toe stops, jam plugs and heel brakes must be intact. No axles protruding beyond wheels, broken buckles or rough hardware. Knee pads must be checked for rough caps or rivets. If skates are not compliant you will have to rent skates. This is to protect the wood floor. Thanks in advance!