Have you always wanted to roller skate but are too scared to face plant? Or maybe you already can roller skate but would like to learn different skills to move past beginner such as: backwards skating, crossovers and more advanced ways to stop other than the toe stop? Roller Skating is unique and fun workout that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. We want you to be able to experience this amazing sport with confidence. Learn to roll safely with our are certified Skate IA Level 1 & 2 coaches.

Address: Sundays at Vecova Recreation Center / 3304 – 33 Street NW / Free parking on Sundays


Passes can be used for both Roller Dance & Learn to Skate lessons).

Family passes are available for all options below (Only applicable to parents with children under 18. Cannot be used by singles or couples without children). 30 card pass is only available to families.

  • 1 Drop-in: $21 (last one month from the date of purchase)
  • 5 Card Pass (without rentals): $95 (expires 6 months from your first visit)
  • 5 Card Pass (with rentals):  $120 (expires 6 months from your first visit)
  • 10 Card Pass (without rentals): $170 (expires 12 months from your first visit)
  • 10 Card Pass (with rentals): $220 (expires 12 months from your first visit)
  • 20 Card Pass (without rentals):  $300 (expires 12 months from your first visit)
  • 30 Card Drop-in Pass FAMILY PASS ONLY (without rentals): $390 (expires 15 months from your first visit). 
  • Rentals Skates & Safety Gear: $10 (if you buy a packages skate rentals/safety gear are $8)

 *Please note all passes are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be extended pass the expiration date. No exceptions. If there is another shutdown due to Covid-19 we will of course extend passes.


Quad skates: 

Junior size 10 up to adult size 13

Inline skates: 

Junior size 11 up to adult size 5 to 8

Rentals include all safety gear

  • One time drop in: $10
  • Drop in package: $ 8

 *If you purchase a drop in package (5-card, 10-card, 20-card or 30-card rentals are $8)

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