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Learn to Skate the Pathways

learn to roller skate

Feel confident on the pathways!

Starting May 9 // Tuesdays 6:30 p.m.

Level 1 Location: In front of Bow Cycle beside the Simmons Building (618 Confluence Way SE)

Level 2 May Location: Inglewood Bird Sanctuary – 2425 9 Ave SE

Must have your own skates and full safety gear (helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads)

Level 1: In front of Bow Cycle beside the Simmons Building (618 Confluence Way SE) Location: In this class you will learn how to go over cracks, cobblestone and rocks, etc. You will also learn how to fall properly using your gear at high speeds. We will take these skill from the rink to the parking lot and sidewalk.

Please note this is not a beginner learn to skate class. You must already have the skills from the beginner learn to skate class to take this level such as skating comfortably forwards, toe stops, bubbles, etc. Please see our Learn to Skate classes on Sundays to gain these skills first. 

Level 2: Inglewood Bird Sanctuary for the month of May. Location changes. Make sure to check website. This is a guided pathway skate where the instructor will help you with the skills you learned in the Level 1 Pathway skate and apply them to the actual pathway in real-time. This will include applying control techniques on different level of hills, stepping over obstacles, cracks, etc.

To take this class you must already have the skills from Learn to Skate level 1 class (you can already skate forwards comfortable, stop and turn) and the Pathways Level 1 class (going over cracks, getting on and off sidewalks, going over rocks, how to jump, review of toe stops, plow stops and bubbles.

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