Terrell Ferguson (Los Angeles)– One of the original roller dances of Venice beach as featured in the documentary Roller Dreams

Alien Inline (Calgary): Jenna Slater

Calgary Roller Skate: Theresa Tucci

Chris Neima (Vancouver)

Lethbridge Roller Skate: Cherri Blaster

Retro Rollers (Ontario)

Roller Skate Victoria: SkaterBoyes, Mart-Man and Morph

more to come!

Interested in performing?

We have both a professional and amateur showcase for both roller dance and skate park. Group performances no longer than 3.5 minutes. Solo performances no more than 3 minutes. Performers can purchase a performers pass for $90. Price goes up to $120 after May 1.

Email Theresa at for more details.


Terrell Ferguson

Roller Skate Victoria

Chris Neima

more to come!