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A bit about Cherri Blaster from Lethbridge Roller Skate:

Cherri started her skating career in roller derby in 2010 and evolved into roller dance when she retired from the sport in 2017. Today, she offers private and group lessons through Roller Skate Lethbridge, teaches roller dance online through Roller Skate Victoria and coaches with the Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild. Cherri teaches “micro-skills” to help skaters build confidence and technique as they work to master new moves. These micro-skills improve balance and muscle memory, which are essential to improve as a skilled all-around skater.

Check out Cherri’s IG page: @rollerskatelethbridge

DATE: Saturday, October 23
LOCATION: Ballroom & Country Dance Studio 121C – 17 Ave NE (free street parking or parking at Safeway lot)

Learn some new moves for our Pop Up Roller Rink at the JVC on the 23rd!

12:30 p.m. WORKSHOP 1 OPEN LEVEL: Practice backwards weight transfer and edging skills while learning the moonwalk, the banana and swirls. This class is great for beginner roller dancers who are new to backwards rolling and intermediate skaters who want to practice edge control.

1:45 p.m. WORKSHOP 2 OPEN LEVEL: Practice heel/toe weight transfer while learning the military turn and barrel roll. Then we’ll combine them into the “military barrel combo!” This class is recommended for skaters who are comfortable rolling forwards and backwards. Jam plugs are recommended. Jam plugs can be purchase from Nerd Roller Skates in Inglewood.

COST Please note you must register online to attend this event. Spots are limited. You can also pay online by credit card, debit/visa’s or by e-transfer.

1 Workshop:  $30 + gst
Both Workshops: $50 + gst
Rental Skates/Safety Gear at Workshop: $10 + gst (24 hours notice needed for skate rentals – Cut off Friday at noon)
Skate Party & Both Workshops: $60 + gst
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note purchases are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be used for future classes.